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Michelle is Committed to Helping You Through this Whole Process. Michelle Will Represent Your Best Interests. Michelle’s Job is to Negotiate the Best Possible terms for you and to help you avoid the common pitfalls people encounter when buying a home.

Michelle, backed by Royal LePage’s outstanding reputation and with her many valuable & professional contacts will make sure you receive the very best service and advice during one of the most important transactions of your life! Read more about Michelle’s personilized buying process!

Have Michelle on your side when negotiating your home deal!

If you are already familiar with, and have researched desirable homes on the MLS® system, allow Michelle to book your private showings for you. Fill out the quick Showing Request form with the MLS numbers you wish to see and Michelle will set up the appointments for you and personally take you on a tour of each home.

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Are you looking to buy a home for the first time, or to upgrade/downsize your current home?
Let Michelle know about your specific home needs – just fill in this Online Home Search. Michelle will process your criteria and set you up to automatically receive the most current listings on the market that match your needs.


  • Automatic updates on new listings which meet your criteria – don’t wait for them to appear on the OREB website. I will enter your criteria on my computer CLIENT system, and it will email you immediately when a new listing is entered on MLS
  • Arrange appointments to see ALL homes of your interest to you including For Sale by Owners, and Builders
  • Prepare an OFFER on your behalf and give you advice and guidance regarding price terms, including all details which will protect YOUR interests
  • Share with you any information which I have regarding the Sellers’ reasons for selling, degree of anxiety to get their home sold, amount of flexibility in the price, closing dates, etc., which I CANNOT reveal to you if you are not my CLIENT
  • Help you arrange the best financing for you Negotiate with the Seller on YOUR behalf to get the price and terms favourable to YOU Help prepare you for what to expect from a Building or Septic Inspector, and help arrange for them to be done (and be there with you!)
  • Help you find a good lawyer if you don’t have one Arrange to have documents sent to your lawyer (and financial institution if you like)
  • Follow up with any and all details before closing

ATTENTION: Your initial visit to a home builder, either in person or with online registration, must be with us. So please contact us BEFORE your visit so that we can give you FREE full representation. Understanding the Process in Building your New Home – The procedure that the New Home Builder has put into place is that in order for us to help you in the decision-making and purchase of your new home, they want Michelle or her Buyer Specialist, to be working with you from day 1 when you first contact the builder. Whether it be online or at the model home. Our services are FREE to you. Contact Michelle using the form below if you are interested in purchasing a new home: * Full name, home phone and email address are required.

  1. Resale should always be considered when planning your home: How many years do you plan on living in the home? The less number of years, the more importance that you should place on resale issues. Your real estate sales representative see hundreds of resale homes a year and is able to help you decide what is good and not so good for resale. What upgrades are the most important for resale? Does the floor plan changes that you are suggesting to the builder injure your resale price?
  2. Upgrades: which upgrades should you have done now and which ones should you do yourself, after you move in? i.e. the convenience and expense of having the builder do the bathroom rough-in in the basement far outweighs doing it yourself at a later date, as does having the builder install pot-lighting.
  3. Location: What is the zoning on nearby properties? Are the plans that you are viewing approved by the city or are they in draft stages? Details about utilities? Orientation of the house? Completion date of building that particular development? (there are pluses & minuses that you need to consider). Utility box locations? Grading plan? Community information?
  4. Process: This is VITAL! To have the services of the real estate sales representative totally paid for by the builder, it is necessary for the sales representative to be with you the first time that you go to the builder, either in person OR online. The price of the house, which is a set price (no negotiating prices on new homes), includes the sales representative’s commission. So, with this single price policy the price is the same whether you have someone there representing your interests or not. If you have registered online or gone to the new home builder model home prior to the agent introducing you to the builder, the agent’s services will NOT be paid by the builder.

Your initial visit, either in person or virtually, must be with the real estate agent. I must be the one that introduces you to the builder.